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St. Patricks Day Lesson Ideas

St. Patricks Day Lesson Ideas

We are LOVING the new St. Patrick’s Day unit on Musicplay Online. There are so many amazing lessons, projectable materials, worksheets, movies and games.  This week to get you started we will share a teaching process for using the melodic composition lesson.  There are two lessons available on Musicplay Online and many options are provided to meet the needs of your students!

Catch a Leprechaun:

St. Patrick’s Day Unit on Musicplay Online 

Grade Level: 

Grades 1-5. Options are provided in the online material to meet the needs of a variety of grade levels. 


  • Compose a melody (individually OR as a class) using solfa or standard notation (note names).
  • Sing a melodic composition OR transfer to pitched percussion instruments.
  • Write a melodic composition on the musical staff.

Materials Needed:

  • Projectables materials from Musicplay Online Subscription.
  • Worksheet printable (included in the link below).


  1. Select a tone set or notes appropriate for your students. The online lesson has the options of so-mi, do-re-mi, do-re-mi-so-la, C-D-E, and C-D-E-G-A.  If using solfa, warm-up by singing solfa echoes and handsigns using the tone set you have selected.
  2. Teach the poem by rote, having students echo you one line at a time.
  3. Keep the beat using various levels of body percussion (snap, clap, pat, or stamp) and say the poem.
  4. As a class, use the online projectable to create a melody using the words of the poem.  Drag the solfa or notes into the boxes above the rhythmic notation.
  5. Practice singing your creation as a class.  Add movement or solfa hand signs to show how the melody moves high and low.  Make changes as needed.
  6. Once students are comfortable with the melody, transfer to pitched percussion instruments. You can do this by passing around a few glockenspiels or other barred instrument in a circle, therefore having only a few students trying at a time.  If you have enough instruments for a whole class, you can all try at the same time. Suggest students play with the tips of their fingers first or use the back of the mallets (so it isn’t too loud).  Remind students to sing while they play.  

Extension Activities:

Student can try the above activity on their own.  If students are able to write notes on the musical staff, they can complete the worksheet below. 

Click here to download this worksheet for free!


Video students playing their creations.  You can also use the worksheet provided as an assessment tool.

This and so much more in the NEW St. Patrick's Day Unit on MusicplayOnline:

1. Fun Fact Concept Movies: 


2. Compose a Melody - Ireland:


3. Compose a Melody - Leprechaun:


4. Improvise a Melody:


5. Phrase Rhythm Writing: 


6. Irish Jig:


7. Rhythm Erase Game:


8. Leprechaun Hunt Game:


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Valentine's Day Unit on MusicplayOnline

Valentine's Day Unit on MusicplayOnline

With less than two weeks until Valentine’s Day, the Musicplay Online team has been busy preparing some NEW activities available on the site. The great thing about these activities – they are so versatile. This week we will share with you some ways to integrate these activities with a variety of songs and how they can be used in different grade levels. 

Valentine’s Song Database 

Here you will find all the songs related to love, friendship, and Valentine’s Day available in Musicplay.

Valentine’s Word Composition

This is an activity that can be used in many different ways and for a variety of grade levels. Only use the rhythms that are appropriate for your students.  It never hurts for your students to see some more challenging rhythms. 

Some different ways to use this activity include:

  1. WARM-UP - Practice known rhythm patterns. Students can then transfer the patterns to body percussion or non-pitched percussion instruments.
  2. CREATE A "B" SECTION - Use this activity to create a B section or Rondo with other songs from Musicplay – Some songs that would work well for this include “I Like You” (Song #68 from Musicplay Grade 1) and “Love Somebody” (Song #60 from Musicplay 3).
  3. CREATE AN OSTINATO - Create a 4 or 8 beat ostinato to play with the songs “I Like You” (Song #68 from Musicplay Grade 1) or “Love Somebody” (Song #60 from Musicplay 3).  Transfer the ostinato to body percussion or non-pitched percussion instruments and try it while you sing the song at the same time.
  4. ASSESSMENT TOOL – Use the worksheets below (available on MUSICPLAY ONLINE) to assess reading, writing, and creating rhythm patterns.

Valentine's Day Matching Game - INCLUDES FLASHCARDS!


Recorder Mad Minutes:


For more information and a tour of the new Valentine's Unit check out the video link below:


All this and MORE available with your subscription to:

Black History Month: Lesson Ideas on Musicplay Online

Black History Month: Lesson Ideas on Musicplay Online

The Musicplay Online team has been busy compiling resources for Black History Month. This is a great opportunity to use these resources as a basis for discussions about culture and history with your students.  Below are some activities, including a cup passing game, available on MUSICPLAY ONLINE to share in your classroom:

Fig Leaf Rag 

#3 from The Listening Kit Grade 4

Grade Level:

Grade 3 - 5


  • Read and play simple rhythm patterns. I can read and play simple rhythm patterns.
  • Review and discuss the form in music. I can identify the form or organization of a piece of music. 
Materials Needed:
  • Class set of cups. (I purchased some great, more durable cups from IKEA)
  • Projectables and recording from MusicplayOnline Subscription or Listening Kit Level 4
  • Form Tool from MusicplayOnline
1. Present the history of Scott Joplin. There is a short video available on MusicplayOnline. 
2. Listen to the piece of music. There are listening logs available for various learning levels in the online unit. Select the most appropriate one for your students and go through the questions. 
Listening Log Easy
Listening Log Advanced
3. Say and clap the rhythms for each section (A, B, and C) used in the cup game. 
4. In seated circle with the cups, practice each of the patterns. Continue practicing until students are successful in passing the cups with the patterns. 
5. Try with the music. 
6. This is a great opportunity to review FORM or how this piece of music is organized. Use the FORM TOOL on MusicplayOnline to review the form of this song. Check out the video for a quick lesson on how to use the FORM TOOL on MusicplayOnline. 

MORE Resources for Black History Month: 

1. A database of related songs and activities from Musicplay:


2. Two music listening activities featuring Scott Joplin:

3. Links and additional information/resources:

Plus so much more available with your subscription to MusicplayOnline.

The activity featured above is from the Listening Resource Kit 4. View the link below for more information on our Listening Kits: 
November 11th Unit

November 11th Unit

Check out this great new unit on MusicplayOnline. In this unit you'll find many related songs chosen from all the Musicplay grades. These are great choral selections to sing during an assembly. Included in this unit you will also find poems, the Last Post, and November 11th sample scripts. 

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Back to School Unit on MusicplayOnline

Back to School Unit on MusicplayOnline

Welcome back to school! We hope you had a wonderful summer and that you’re excited for the new year! The Back to School Unit on MusicplayOnline is full of great resources to make your first few weeks a breeze! The unit provides multiple activities for students from Kindergarten – Grade 6. Read more to receive a discount code on a fantastic product for your classroom!

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