A Few Ways to Use the Recorder Section on MusicplayOnline

When first starting off in our recorder section, there is so much you can review and teach! On today’s podcast, we go over some advice from the community as to how to best start off your students on the recorder, using MusicplayOnline!

Ready for Recorder

We’re very excited to be finally launching into some non-holiday related material, and we are starting the new year fresh with some recorder material! In this episode, we are going to review what the students need to know before they even pick up the instrument! It’s a quick episode full of great lesson topics and tips for a smooth recorder season.

Funny Concert Stories

Join Carey-Lyn and Charis as they recount the communities winter holiday concert stories on this week’s episode! Has anything crazy happened during one of your concerts? Let us know through one of our social media pages!

After the Concert Classroom Ideas

With the winter holiday concert now in the rear-view mirror, everyone is now looking forward to the upcoming holiday break. At Musicplay, we have lots of fun songs, games, interactives, and other activities to help you get through December!

We’ll tell you all about it on this episode of the Music Minutes from Musicplay Podcast!

Concert self-evaluation printable:

Alternative Holiday Classroom Activities

With more and more diversifying cultures in the classroom, planning out activities for class during late November/early December, that respects different creeds, may seem like a daunting task.

We are looking at some community advice, that best works for public school teachers, and how they can best optimize their classes and students for the season! From all these comments, you’ll find that it’s a very delicate balance between needing to teach music materials and accommodating to both the students and parents. Hopefully you can use some of these tactics for your own classroom!

Holiday Concert Survival Guide

Who can coordinate and organize 500 students, 50 teachers and school staff, and nearly 1000 parents for multiple shows? That’s right, you can! Now’s the time of year we put everything on the line and put together the best Christmas/Holiday/Winter Concert you can!

Just don’t forget, you’re not alone! We have some great tips and tricks to help you navigate through all the prep work!

Organizing a Christmas Concert

This can be one of the most stressful music performances you will plan for your students, and we hope that you already have a good head start on planning and practicing the songs with your students!

We have many suitable ideas and countless suggestions on putting together the best Christmas concert you can for your students!

Thanksgiving Classroom Ideas

Still needing some ideas for music lessons about Thanksgiving? We have you covered! This week on Music Minutes from Musicplay, we are looking at some select ideas for Thanksgiving activities for the classroom.

The activities we cover this week are:

  • ‘I’m the Fastest Turkey’ from Musicplay Grade 2 Song #17
  • A Vocal Assessment Rubric
  • Other recommendations found on Musicplay Online:
    • ‘I Like Turkey’ Musicplay Grade 1 #23
    • ‘Five Fat Turkeys’ Musicplay Grade 1 #25
    • ‘Thanks a Lot!’ Musicplay Grade 2 #15
    • ‘I’m Thankful’ Musicplay Grade 3 #14
  • Number Concentration, as an alternative game to play if you don’t teach Thanksgiving


The Orff arrangement mentioned is ‘The Orff Source Vol. 2’ and can be found at https://musicplayusa.com/products/the-orff-source-volume-2?_pos=2&_sid=5daaa2743&_ss=r

Laying Wreaths at your November 11th Ceremony

This week’s episode of the Music Minutes from Musicplay Podcast focuses on what songs are ideal during your November 11th ceremony.

The songs mentioned are:

  • “Make a Difference” from Musicplay Grade 2
  • “Peace is Flowing Like a River” from Musicplay Grade 5
  • “Just One Candle” from Musicplay Grade 1
  • “Why Do We Have Remembrance Day” from ‘We Remember’
  • “Take One Minute to Stand” from ‘We Remember’

You can download the podcast through any of your regular podcast providers, or you can get it directly here: https://musicplay.podbean.com?p=12914105&token=65ec45e9166d35d32251bd265fa4c0a0

Planning a November 11th Ceremony


This podcast comes from one of our newsletters, originally written by Stacy Chantel. If you’re still looking for some ways to plan out Remembrance Day/Veterans Day for your school, this podcast has some great ideas!

Websites mentioned in the podcast can all be found here:

  1. http://www.veterans.gc.ca/eng/remembrance/get-involved/remembrance-day/guide-to-commemorative-services#service
  2. http://www.kinderbuzz.com/features/remembrance-day-books-kids
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tn7gqpnVdRo
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-yWMkpV5wg
  5. http://www.thememoryproject.com/book-a-speaker
  6. http://www.veterans.gc.ca/eng/remembrance/those-who-served/heroes-remember
  7. https://www.gilmore.ca/vacstore/eng/learningresource.aspx

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