Apps for iTunes and Android Devices

Learn and Play Recorder

Learn and Play Recorder teaches beginners about the recorder, how to read music and how to play the soprano recorder. The app includes 38 songs from Just B to Camptown Races, all with a full performance track to play along with! This app is based on the Recorder Resource Kit by Denise Gagné, which has been used by hundreds of thousands of children in the USA and Canada to learn to play the recorder.      



Learn and Play Recorder 2

Learn and Play Recorder 2 gives beginning and intermediate recorder players 24 duets to play on soprano recorders or 24 trios using two soprano and an alto recorder. Both alto and transposed alto parts are given in the full score. If playing the alto part, you must use alto fingerings. However, if you play the transposed alto part, you can use the more familiar soprano fingerings on an alto recorder.   

Note Name Match Game

Players select which level they would like to play.  The game begins with all of the cards face down.  Each turn a player clicks on two cards. When a player clicks on a card it flips over to reveal a note or note name. If the cards do not match, they automatically turn back face down. When a player has correctly matched a note with its name it stays face up. When a player has matched all the notes with their names they move to the next level. 

Vocal Warm-up for Singers or Choir

The vocal warm-ups in this app are are designed for solo singers or for choirs. These warm-ups have been successfully used with elementary school through to college level singers and choirs. The warm-ups are organized into five sets. Each set includes a physical warm-up, breath awareness, then five minutes of a variety of mid-range warm-ups.

Note Name Smash


In this fun note naming app, players will correctly name notes to smash chunks of the wall. If they correctly name all the notes, the wall collapses.  Students select the notes they would like to learn and can practice naming them on a keyboard or by selecting the note name. The piano keyboard has the option to play with the key names or without. This app, designed for kids, is a fun and engaging way to learn note names.

Rain Rain Go Away

The Rain Rain Story App is more than a read along story! Children ages 1-8 will not only listen to the story. They will sing along with the Rain Rain song. They will learn a rain poem and will be able to create sound effects to play with the poem. Children will be able to play rhythm instruments - a triangle, drum, claves and rhythm sticks. Children will develop listening skills by playing the patterns game. They will be able to play a xylophone, and learn to play the Rain Rain song on it.