Alphabet Action Songs Student Book - Audio CD Download

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This CD accompanies the Alphabet Action Songs Student Book. When you purchase a student book, the CD is also provided. This download is available for those who have a discount code to receive the digital files in case they don't have a disk drive. 

Materials Included:

- Audio MP3

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Songs Include:

- Rock Around the Alphabet
- Alligator Alarm
- Be-Bop the Bear
- Cool Cat
- Dance Doggie Dance
- Ellie Elephant
- Fin the Fish
- Grumpy Gorilla
- George the Giraffe
- Hula Hippo
- Icky Inchworm
- Jumpin' Jackrabbit
- Letter K Phonics Song
- Kung Fu Koala
- Leo the Lion
- Morgan the Monkey
- Nellie the Nannygoat
- Ollie Otter
- Perky Penguin
- Quest for the Queen
- Rockinʼ Robin
- Sneaky Snake
- Turkey Tango
- Uncle Underwear
- V is for Victory
- Wild Friends
- Ox and a Fox
- Yes You Can!
- Zed the Zebra
- Alphabet Action
- To the Parents


Audio: Alligator Alarm
Audio: Be-Bop the Bear 
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