Big B-A-G Book

Themes and Variations


This collection of 19 songs for recorder using just BAG will be useful for your beginning recorder students, or as a review for your older students. Each of the songs in the collection is in a different style and is named after a different kind of bag: Shopping Bag Shuffle, Tea Bag Tango, Lunch Bag Lullaby, Golf Bag Boogie, etc. Reproducible!

Piano accompaniments are included in the collection for all selections!  If you prefer to use a CD, this collection includes a performance/accompaniment CD. The audio CD includes a slow “practice” track and a faster “performance” track as well as an accompaniment track.

This collection also includes a Digital Resources disk with PowerPoints and Smartboard files of each song. The Big B-A-G book is very much a study in different styles of music. Using just the notes BAG, Craig Cassils has created a resource that explores music from Boogie to Blues. The Hot Cross Buns theme and variations is an excellent example of the form that your beginning students can play!

Materials Included

In the printed product:
- Printed Book / Audio CD
- Digital Book PDF
- Projectable PDF
- PowerPoint
- SMART Notebook
- Movies
In the download edition:
- Digital Book PDF
- Audio MP3
- Projectable PDF
- PowerPoint
- SMART Notebook
- Movies

In the CD product:
- Audio MP3
- Projectable PDF
- PowerPoint
- SMART Notebook
- Movies

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Songs Include:

  • Nothing But B
  • Nothing But A
  • Nothing But G
  • Just A and B
  • Just A and G
  • Just B and G
  • Lunch BAG Lullaby
  • Tea BAG Tango
  • Golf BAG Boogie
  • Chip BAG Cha Cha
  • Saddle BAG Swing
  • Shopping BAG
  • Garbage BAG Rag
  • Bean BAG Blues
  • Recorder BAG Rock
  • Gym BAG Jazz
  • Paper BAG Polka
  • Santa BAG Samba
  • Hot Cross Buns theme and variations


Book: Big B-A-G Book
Projectable: B-A-G Projectable
Audio: Nothing but B
Audio: Gym Bag Jazz
Audio: Tea Bag Tango