Festivals and Holidays

Themes and Variations

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Festivals and Holidays is a musical revue exploring celebrations around the world. The songs are unison or easy two part suitable for classroom or choir, and staging is simple. Perform all 12 songs, or use just a few. The book/CD includes performance/accompaniment tracks, piano/vocal score, reproducible script and vocals, and projectable PDF with audio links.

Materials Included

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Songs Include (Video Samples):

1.  They're Celebrating Next Door 7.  St. Lucy Day (Croatia)
2. Oshogatsu (Japan) 8.  Happy Diwali (India)
3. Carnival (Brazil) 9.  Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights
4. The Festival of Lanterns (Korea) 10.  December 6 is A Holiday (Belgium)
5. Alleluia (Spain) 11.  Christmas in Greece is a Joyful Time
6.  Oktoberfest/Kinderpolka (Germany) 12.  It's Christmas Time in a Country Way (Nashville)


Book: Festivals and Holidays
Projectable: Festivals and Holidays