Games, Rounds, and World Songs

Themes and Variations

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Here are 46 new songs that your students will love! The original edition of Musicplay 3, written in 1999, included some songs that were used in more than one grade level. This collection is an update, giving the teacher using the original Musicplay 3 the game songs, rounds and multicultural listening examples that were replaced or added in the 2005 revision. A second collection with kids' favorite songs added to Musicplay 3 is also available. These collections are a valuable resource, whether or not you have the Musicplay 3 program.

Intended Grades:

Grade 3

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Songs Include:

1.  Old Brass Wagon 22.  It's A Holiday
2. Shake Them 'Simmons 23. Island Steel Drum
3. Chicken on the Fence Post 24. Ndinani Na
4. Number Concentration 25 Zulu Dance
5. Plainsies Clapsies 26. Ton Moulin
6.  Turkey Lurkey 27. Something's Hiding
7. Pass A Beanbag 28. Whoopie Cushion
8. Seven Up 30. Donkeys Love Carrots
9. Pass the Broom 32. Eating Is Fun
10. A Sailor Went To Dis, Dis, Dis 34. Song Of The Frog
11. Hide Those Eggs 36. Tinga Layo
12. King's Land 37. Shake The Papaya
13. New Shoes 38. January First
14. Shiny Penny 39. Koto
15. Find the Basket 40. Sakura
16. Someone's Tapping 41. El Burrito Enfermo
17. Paddy From Home 42. La Pulga
18. E Papa 43. Noche Buena
19. E Papa Maori 44. Ceremonial Dance
20. El Floron 45. Irish Reel
21. Mariachi 46. Didgeridoo



Audio: Old Brass Wagon
Audio: Pass The Broom
Audio: Ton Moulin
Book: Games, Rounds, and World Songs