Happy Holidays

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Happy Holidays is a collection of Christmas and Holiday songs. Not only have we given several traditional carols a fresh new sound by weaving together interesting medleys but there are also new carols to help you and your singers rejoice in a festive spirit this holiday season.

The harmony part only track is a very helpful addition for teaching the beginning choirs the optional part two, and the PowerPoint is available so teachers can go through each song at their own pace with their students. The songs include unison and 2 part arrangements of octavo quality for young choirs and several songs include flute parts as well.

1. Happy Holiday (Single Song Kit)
Unison/2 part sparkling new carol, great opening or closing number

2. A Christmas Wish (A Wish For Peace) (Single Song Kit)
Beautiful, tender sentiment for the season. With just one small word change, this piece is suitable for Remembrance Day as well as the holiday season (change “this Christmas time” to “that every day”). This piece is a keeper!

3. Christmas in the Air (Single Song Kit)
Rhythmic up-beat unison/2 part new song for a winter concert opening number

4. Jolly Jingle (Single Song Kit)
Jolly 2 part medley of Jolly Old St. Nicholas, Deck the Halls, and Up on the Housetop. If your students are not ready to sing in 2 parts, sing it in unison!

5. Silent Night/Still, Still, Still
A peaceful medley with two familiar carols woven together, with optional flute.

6. O Come Little Children (Single Song Kit)
2 part medley of O Come, Little Children and Children Go Where I Send Thee. This is an interesting arrangement of two traditional carols that you and your students will love.

7. Holidays Are Here (Single Song Kit)
A bouncing, happy easy unison song to close your holiday concert.

This is a great resource for students from Grades 3-8. Whether it is a choir, classroom, or winter concert that includes the whole school, there’s something here for everyone!

Intended Grades:

Grade 3 - Grade 8

Materials Included

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- Projectable PDF
- PowerPoint
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- Digital Book PDF
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- Projectable PDF
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- Audio MP3
- Projectable PDF
- PowerPoint

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Songs Include:

1. Happy Holiday
2. A Christmas Wish
3. Christmas in the Air
4. Jolly Jingle
5.Silent Night/Still, Still, Still
6. O Come Little Children
7. Holidays Are Here 


Audio: Happy Holidays To You
Audio: Jolly Jingle
Audio: O Come Little Children
Audio: A Christmas Wish (Harmony)
Book: Happy Holidays