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Here are 20 new songs that your students will love! The original edition of Musicplay 3, written in 1999, included some songs that were used in more than one grade level. This collection is an update, giving the teacher using the original Musicplay 3 the kid’s favorites that were replaced or added in the 2005 revision. A second collection with game songs, rounds and multicultural listening examples added to Musicplay 3 is also available. These collections are a valuable resource, whether or not you have the Musicplay 3 program.

Intended Grades:

Grade 3

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Songs Include:

1.  Children Together 11.  Seasons
2. I Like Singin' 12. Missus Tong
3. Yummy Yum Yum 13. Oh I Wish I Were
4. When You Dream 14. Third Base Coaches Dance
5. Wind 15. Just Friends
6.  Nothing But Peace 16. Old Grandma
7. Remember Flanders Fields 17. Be-believe In You
8. Got A Hat Hat 18. Pirate Song
9. Playin' On The Old Washboard 19. Nothing
10. Cod Liver Oil 20. I'm An Acorn



Audio: Children Together
Audio: Missus Tong
Audio: Third Base Coach's Dance
Audio: Yummy Yum Yum
Book: Kid's Favourite Songs