Listening Resource Kit 5

Themes and Variations

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You’ve loved the Complete Recorder Resource Kit! Here is a kit that will be your complete resource for music listening. Each kit comes with a CD recording of all the selections, featuring recordings from the CBC radio library. The CDs include artists like Glenn Gould, The Canadian Brass, The Toronto Children’s Chorus and Tafelmusik. Classroom activities to develop your students listening skills include many unique and innovative ideas and activities.

Have your students become involved in the listening by playing rhythm instruments along with the music. Rhythm instrument playalongs are given for many selections as full scores and as simple flashcard playalongs. Cup games teach students about form and provide excellent practice keeping a beat. Scripts for daily intercom listening are featured - make music listening a part of your school day. 

Reproducible pages include biographies and worksheets on major composers, instrument families, and a listening log. Movement activities use scarves, balloons, flashlights, paper plates and ribbons. Listening Maps are included for many selections. Try a new way to develop silent listening skills! STILL stands for Silent Time for Individual Listening Logs. Your students develop tremendous listening skills while listening to “mystery” pieces. Internet references are included so you and your students can easily locate additional resources and information. This is a unique and valuable resource!

Level 5: (Gr. 5) Includes 26 selections from Vivaldi, Beethoven, Grieg, Mozart, Scott Joplin, Schubert, MacDowell and Tchaikovsky. There are a variety of really interesting examples from Medieval and Renaissance music including music by Josquin du Pres. This kit includes notes, worksheet and listening examples from the composer featured on the videos ‘Rossini’s Ghost’ and ‘Bizet’s Dream.’

Materials Included

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- Printed Book / Audio CD
- Digital Book PDF / Audio MP3
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- Digital Book PDF / Audio MP3

In the CD product:
- Audio MP3

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Table of Contents:

- Introduction
- Table of Contents
- CD Contents - Level Five
- Categorized Lists of Listening Selections
- Guidelines for Introducing Listening Selections
- STILL - Silent Time for Individual Listening Logs
- Charts for Bulletin Board
- Listening Log
- The Woodwind Family
- The Brass Family
- The Percussion Family
- The String Family
- The Orchestra and Choir
- Middle Ages and Renaissance Music
- Baroque Period
- Classical Period
- Romantic Period
- Modern Music
- Composer of the Month
- Classroom Activities
- “Allegro, Autumn”, Antonio Vivaldi
- “Contradance”, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
- Antonio Vivaldi, biography
- Rhythm Instrument Playalong, “Allegro-Autumn”
- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, biography
- Rhythm Instrument Playalong, “Contradance”
- “Theme” from Theme & Variations, Boehm
- “Variations on Hot Cross Buns”
- “Variations 4 & 6” from Theme & Variations
- “Witches Dance”, Edward MacDowell
- “The Joust”, Don Gillis
- “Pianists”, Camille Saint-Sa.ns
- “Lachen und Weinen”, Schubert
- Franz Schubert, biography

- “Trepak” from The Nutcracker
- Peter Illich Tchaikovsky, biography
- “Chinese Dance” from The Nutcracker
- “Es ist ein’ Ros’ entsprunen”, Praetorius
- Gioacchino Rossini, biography
- “William Tell Overture”, Rossini
- Rossini Video Worksheet
- “Radetzky March”, Johann Strauss Sr.
- Cup Game, “Radetzky March”
- “Favorite Rag”, Scott Joplin
- Cup Game, Favorite Rag
- “Contradance III”, Mozart
- Rhythm Instrument playalong, “Contradance III”
- Claude Debussy, biography
- “Petite Pi.ce”, Claude Debussy
- “Rondo”, Ludwig van Beethoven
- Ludwig van Beethoven, biography
- Edvard Grieg, biography
- “March of the Dwarfs”, Edvard Grieg
- Johann Strauss, Jr biography
- “Roses from the South”, Johann Strauss Jr.
- “Toreadors March”, Georges Bizet
- Rhythm Instrument Playalong, “Toreadors”
- Georges Bizet, biography
- “La Strangetta”, anonymous
- “Canto di Lanzi Venturieri”, anonymous
- “El Grillo”, Josquin des Pr.s
- “Canzona Prima a5”, Giovanni Gabrieli
- “La Vida de Culin”, anonymous
- Intercom Listening Scripts
- Concert Manners
- Assessment Rubrics
- Listening Logs - 6 selections per page
- Glossary


Audio: Allegro
Audio: Pianists
Audio: Chinese Dance
Audio: Joust
Book: Listening Kit 5
Book: Listening Log Sample