Mallet Madness Strikes Again!

Themes and Variations

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From master-teacher Artie Almeida comes this exciting collection of over thirty more activities for mallet percussion instruments and drums that will energize your classroom. Mallet Madness Strikes Again uses songs, poems, music and literature connections, as well as reproducible flashcards to promote learning in the concept areas of beat, rhythm, melody, harmony, form, and expressive qualities. Thanks to its unique rotation system, your students will play all of the mallet percussion instruments in your classroom, as well as many of the non-pitched instruments. Suggestions for adapting the activities for use in classrooms with few, or even no, mallet instruments are also provided. Whether presented as a unit or spread over a semester or school year, your students will love Mallet Madness Strikes Again, and you will love the skills and musicality they develop during these lessons.

Intended Grades:

Kindergarten - Grade 6

Materials Included:

- Printed Book


Book: Mallet Madness Strikes Again!

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