Musicplay Grade 4 Guitar and Ukulele Arrangements

Themes and Variations

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Guitar and Ukulele Arrangements for Musicplay K-6 is a useful tool for performances and for classroom use. These companions to the Musicplay K-6 Curriculum include arrangements of almost every song. Chord charts are included for every song making it easy for a beginning ukulele or guitar player to accompany their students or for their students to play themselves. Many of the arrangements have alternate keys to make it even easier to play or sing along in the most appropriate keys for children’s voices. 

113 pages, coiled to lay flat on a music stand.

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Songs Include:

01 Wake me! Shake Me!
02 Hey Lidee
03 This Little Light of mine 
04 Frere Jacques
05 Good Morning
06 Chester
07 Pizza Pizza
08 Grandfather’s Clock
09 Jolly Jolly Rhythm
10 Thanksgiving Round
12 Black Snake
13 Bill Grogans Goat
14 Topnotcher
15 Canoe Song
16. Little Old Sod Shanty
17 Miss Mary Mac
18 Cheki Morena
19 Al Tambour
21 Bats
22 Ma Ku Ay
25 Old Witch
26 Pass the Pumpkin
28 Cut the Cake 
29 Scale Round 
30 Land of the Silver 
31 Crane
34 Stella Ella Olla
35 My Bonnie
36 What Did Delaware?
37 Christmas is Coming
39 Sarasponda
40 Huron Carol
42. Pack the Sleigh 
44. Clock Round
45. Toc Toc Toc 
46 Forty Below
47 Kookaburra
49 Cucu
50 I’ve Been to London
51 We’re on the Upward Trail
52 Make New Friends
53 My Gal’s a Corker
55 Gens du pays
56 Las Mananitas
58 Let’s Catch a Rooster
59 Nobody Likes Me
60 Grandpa’s Whiskers
62 Scotland’s Burning
64 Categories
65 Feller from Fortune,
68 Old Dan Tucker
69 Wallflowers
70 Toembaii 
72 One Planet
74 Under the Chestnut Tree
75 I love the Mountains
76 Tulip Round
78 Walk, Run, Ride a Bike
79 Mi Conejito
80 Lost my Partner
81 J’entends le moulin
82 Billy Billy
83 Whacky Music
84 Flunky Jim
85 Sing Sing Together
86 Old Blue 
87 Happy is the Miller
88 There’s a Hole in my Bucket
89 Built my Lady
90 Daisy Dell
91 Biddy Biddy 
93 Crawdad Hole
94 My Hat
95 Camping Song
96 Loo La
97 O Canada
98 Star Spangled Banner


Book: Musicplay Grade 4 Guitar and Ukulele Arrangements