Musicplay Kindergarten Teacher's Guide

Themes and Variations

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This product includes a binder (140+ pages) with 6 performance/accompaniment CDs. The Musicplay for Kindergarten program has been written to be a complete cross-curricular approach to teaching music and to teaching other subject areas through music. This program includes songs for all the themes taught in the kindergarten classroom. These are just a few of the themes and academic areas that are included: names, colors, shapes, numbers, alphabet, fall, Halloween, pumpkins Thanksgiving, peace, friends, families, whales, beaches, dinosaurs, helmet safety, traffic safety and more! Musical concepts are taught through traditional and composed action songs, singing games, singalong songs, chants and activities.

This is a program for BOTH the Kindergarten classroom teacher and the music specialist with a real emphasis on integrating learning through music. With more than 170 songs on 6 performance/accompaniment CD’s, this is a comprehensive music program for Kindergarten! Teachers are encouraged to add and incorporate the Alphabet Action songs into the program. (Recorded and sold separately.) Includes Musicplay for Kindergarten binder& 6 CDs

All of the recordings are available to download for the teachers who do not have a disk drive. With disk drives being phased out of use, many of our teachers can no longer access the music tracks that are included with the Teacher's Guides! To keep up with technology, we are introducing a new system based on codes. 

When you purchase and receive a Musicplay Teacher's Guide you will find a unique code tucked inside. This code will allow you to unlock the MP3s and have them digitally delivered to your computer. Please click here for more detailed instructions.  (You will still receive the CDs with your teacher's guide.)

Materials Included:

- Musicplay Kindergarten Printed Binder / Audio CDs


Plan: Year Plans for K-6
Book: Teacher's Guide Sample
Book: Curriculum Sample
Book: Moms Are Special Big Book
Audio: Color Song
Audio: Count and Go
Audio: I'm Glad I Have A Nose
Audio: Penguin Polka
Audio: You've Got to Sing

Digital Resources Samples (Sold Separately)

Powerpoint: Hey Hey Look at Me
Powerpoint/PDF: Hey Hey Look at Me
Notebook Sample: Put Your Finger On Your Lip