Santa's Online Adventure

Themes and Variations

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Santa is technology challenged as he attempts to surf the net. Some clever students from your school find home pages from around the world, and help convince Santa that using E-mail will make his job a lot easier - he won’t have to lick stamps anymore!

This musical has each grade in your school represent a different country: Denmark, Germany, Mexico, Italy, England, China (for Chinese New Year), and Israel (for Hanukkah) are all visited. You can use each country, or choose the countries that are most relevant to your curriculum. Singing, dancing, reader’s theatre and a funny script make this musical very entertaining for the audience as well as an incredible learning experience for the students who participate. An original theme song contrasts with traditional songs and carols, including a fully orchestrated 2 part Hallelujah Chorus.  This publication includes CD with perf/acc tracks, piano accompaniments, dance directions, production notes and set design suggestions.

Intended Grades:

Kindergarten - Grade 6

Materials Included

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Songs & Dances Include (Kids Demos):

1. Danish Dance of Greeting
2. Jingle Bells
3. O Christmas Tree
4. Away in a Manger
5. Jolly Old St. Nicholas
6. Bagpiper’s Carol
7. Jesus the Newborn Baby
8. Open These Doors (Posada Song)
9. Enter Pilgrims
10. The Pinata Song (Dale Dale Dale)
11. La Raspa
12. Dragon Dance
13. Rainbow Colour
14. Ribbon Dance
15. My Candles
16. The Hora (optional)
17. O Hanukkah
18. Here We Come A-Wassailing
19. Deck the Halls
20. Hallelujah Chorus
21. We Wish You a Merry Christmas


Audio: La Raspa
Audio: Piñata Song
Audio: Jolly Old St. Nicholas
Audio: My Candles
Audio: Rainbow Color
Book: Santa's Online Adventure