Shimmy Shimmy Shake!

Themes and Variations


More great dances and movement songs by Australians, Susie & Phil, for K-5. They’ll also be singing, playing instruments, creating sound effects and improvising in a variety of styles.  Includes perf/acc CD.

Intended Grades:

Kindergarten - Grade 5

Materials Included

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Songs Include:

Welcome to Music is a great opening action song for your music classes.

Let There Be Music is a canon that is sung and danced in unison or in two parts. An Orff arrangement and a piano accompaniment are included for this song.

Moving Down the Street gives the children an opportunity to explore fast, medium and slow movement.

Rockin’ Rhythm has places in the song for students to improvise on instruments or body percussion.

Lo Yisa Goy is a beautiful song and dance sung in Hebrew and English. Add scarves or ribbons to the dance for a really beautiful effect. An Orff arrangement of the song is included. Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow....
Copycat is a song that encourages the students to create movement. A simple Orff arrangement is included.

Move It! is a song that encourages the students to create movement or improvise on instruments.

Marmalade and Vegemite is a game song that your students will love while they sing about Australian breakfast foods.

Funkey Monkey Story and Song orchestrate and dramatize the story using sound effects on unpitched instruments. Then dance the conga line to the Funkey Monkey song!

Ocean Song is a beautiful song, dance and instrumental piece. An Orff arrangement is given for the song with many opportunities for improvisation.

Partner Dance is a cute song to sing and dance with a partner.


Audio: Funkey Monkey
Audio: Lo Yisa Goy
Audio: Partner Dance
Audio: Rockin' Rhythm
Audio: Welcome to Music
Book: Shimmy Shimmy Shake!