Sing and Play on Special Days

Themes and Variations

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This is a versatile collection of 67 singing games, rounds, poems, songs with Orff accompaniments, and unison and 2 part /piano songs for special days in the school year. Whether you are looking for a song to perform at an assembly, or for classroom teaching materials, you will find this a valuable resource!

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Songs Include:

1.  Welcome 34.  C is for Cradle
2. Goodbye 35.  Ho Ho Ho
3. Posture Chant 36.  Jingle Bells
4. Line up Chant 37.  Jingle Bells Dance
5. Line up Chant 2 38.  Jingle Bells Game
6.  Dismissal Game 39.  Hot Cockles
7. I'm Glad I'm Back at School 40.  Christmas Stocking Game
8. Falling Leaves 41.  O Hanukkah
9. Fall 42.  My Candles
10. Thanks a Lot 43.  No Latkes Left for Me
11. Five Fat Turkeys Are We 44.  In the Land of Oz
12.  I'm the Fastest Turkey 45.  Groundhog Day
13. Thanksgiving 46.  Rainbow Colour
14.  We Are Thankful 47. Valentine, Valentine
15. I'm Thankful 48. Will You Be My Valentine?
16. Bats 49. I Like You
17. Magic Spell 50. St. Patrick's Day Jig
18. Witch's Stew 51. Little Rabbit Foo Foo
19. The Witch's Cat is Sleeping 52. Hurry Easter Bunny
20. Witch Witch Fell in a Ditch 53. Easter Time
21. Pass the Witch's Broom 54. Easter Bunny Boogie
22. When Witches Walk 55. Find the Easter Basket
23. What's That? 56. Bunny Pokey
24. Sing for Peace 57. Hide the Easter Eggs
25. Peace Canon 58. Show We Care
26. Last Post 59. That's My Mom
27. Peace Begins 60. Mom - You're the Best!
28. In Flanders Fields 61. My Super Mom
29. The Story of the Puppy 62. My Dad
30. An Honoured Son 63. Thank You
31. The Story of Sadako 64. Volunteers
32. Christmas Round and Dance 65. Teacher
33. Let's Go Look for Santa 66. Without Dreams
67. School Song


Audio: Bats
Audio: Sing for Peace
Audio: That's My Mom 
Audio: I'm the Fastest Turkey
Audio: Mom, You're the Best!
Audio: Teacher (retirement song)
Book: Sing and Play on Special Days