Ukulele, Bag, Student Book and CD

Themes and Variations


We starting offering ukuleles for sale in our store in 2015.  Because we’re a smaller company, we want to have just one kind of ukulele in stock, and from Denise’s teaching experience, we wanted our ukuleles to:

#1 – stay in tune

#2 – be a good fit for the students

#3 – be well made     

The Vidar and Vidala Ukuleles meet all of our criteria. They're both wooden ukuleles - not painted plywood or plastic. Their necks are made of mahogany, their fingerboards are rosewood and the rest of their bodies are made of sappelle, which is an African wood often used in guitar making. They have very good quality machine heads so they stay in tune. The concert ukulele is larger than the soprano (24” long) so has a bigger sound, and the frets are not as small. (Grade 5-6 kids can have big hands that don’t fit well in tiny frets) It’s a really good size for students in elementary school. The Vidar and Vidala ukuleles have Aquilla strings – the industry standard.

We are thrilled to be able to offer this quality instrument to Canadian schools at reasonable prices.  We hope that you and your students love them as much as we do!

Note: If you are ordering more than 20 ukuleles please choose the correct option and type in how many ukuleles you would like to purchase. For example: If you wanted to purchase 24 ukuleles: Choose the 20+ option under Size, then in the Qty box type in 24 ukuleles. 

Materials Included:

- Vidala Ukulele or Vidar Ukulele
- Easy Ukulele Songs Student Book / CD
- Ukulele Soft-Shell Cases

Songs Include:

- Little Tommy Tinker
- Johnny One Hammer
- Funga Alafia
- Row, Row, Row Your Boat
- Adieu My Comrades
- This Old Hammer
- Ten in the Bed
- Land of the Silver Birch
- Canoe Song
- In the Land of Oz
- Skin and Bones
- The Ghost of Tom
- Cotton Eyed Joe
- Whistle Daughter
- Little Liza Jane
- The Wandering Cowboy
- Clementine
- Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
- Hush Little Baby
- This Old Man
- He’s Got the Whole World
- Rock-a My Soul
- Jack Was Every Inch a Sailor
- Hey Lidee
- Old Texas
- Found a Peanut
- Boll Weevil
- Nobody Likes Me
- Wade in the Water
- What Shall We Do With the Silly Sailor?
- Nothing But Peace
- He is Born


Audio: Found a Peanut
Audio: Land of the Silver Birch
Audio: Little Tommy Tinker
Audio: Nothing But Peace
Audio: This Old Man
Book: Easy Ukulele Songs Student Book