Musicplay Kindergarten Teacher's Guide & Digital Resources

Themes and Variations


This product includes a binder (140+ pages) with 6 performance/accompaniment CDs. The Musicplay for Kindergarten program has been written to be a complete cross-curricular approach to teaching music and to teaching other subject areas through music. This program includes songs for all the themes taught in the kindergarten classroom. These are just a few of the themes and academic areas that are included: names, colors, shapes, numbers, alphabet, fall, Halloween, pumpkins, Thanksgiving, peace, friends, families, whales, beaches, dinosaurs, helmet safety, traffic safety and more! Musical concepts are taught through traditional and composed action songs, singing games, singalong songs, chants and activities.

This is a program for BOTH the kindergarten classroom teacher and the music specialist with a real emphasis on integrating learning through music. With more than 170 songs on 6 performance/accompaniment CDs, this is a comprehensive music program for kindergarten! Teachers are encouraged to add and incorporate the Alphabet Action songs into the program (included). Includes Musicplay for Kindergarten binder & 6 CDs.

Materials Included:

- Musicplay Kindergarten Printed Binder / Audio CDs

- Musicplay Kindergarten Digital Resources

- Alphabet Activities

- Primary Dances and Singing Games


Plan: Year Plans for K-6
Book: Teacher's Guide Sample
Book: Curriculum Sample
Book: Moms Are Special Big Book
Audio: Color Song
Audio: Count and Go
Audio: I'm Glad I Have A Nose
Audio: Penguin Polka
Audio: You've Got to Sing

Musicplay Kindergarten Song List:

1. Welcome to School
2. Put Your Fingers on Your Lip
5. Join Into the Game
6. You’ve Got to Sing
9. Follow, Follow Me
10. A Smile Goes a Long, Long Way
12. Hickety Tickety 
14. Do You Want to be My Friend?
15. Walk to School
16. Andy Pandy
17. Dr. Knickerbocker
18. Gingerbread Man
19. Color Song
20. I Am a Pizza
21. Autumn Leaves
22. Shape Song 
23. Hey! Hey! Look at Me
24. We Cook Turkey
27. I’m Glad I Have a Nose
28. London Bridge
29. I Get a Happy Feeling
30. Stop! Look and Listen
31. October is Here
32. Pumpkin Stew
34. Bush Your Teeth
35. Halloween Looby Loo
36. Costume Fun
37. Pumpkin Fat
38. Grumpy Grizzly
39. Can’t Wait ti Hibernate
40. Tommy Thumb
41. Sambalele
42. Kumbayah
44. Take My Little Car
45. Days of the Week
46. Old Navy
47. Rainbow World
48. Old King Glory
49. Bear
50. Teddy Bear
51. Wheat in the Wind
52. Phony Baloney
53. Barnacle Bill
54. ABC Blues
55. Put the Beat in Your Feet
57. One Little Candle
58. Germs
60. Curly Joe
61. S-A-N-T-A
62. Rock Around the Christmas Tree
63. Christmas is Here
64. Play the Bells to Celebrate
65. Jolly, Jolly Santa
66. He’ll Be Coming Down the Chimney
67. Let’s Get on Board
69. Ha, Ha This-A-Way
70. Snowman Joe
71. Bogannin’ Hill
72. Old Mother Brown
73. Penguin Polka
74. Months of the Year
75. Jubilee
76. Who Has the Pencil?
77. Sailor Son
78. Fiddledeedee
80. Pretty Princess
81. Cheer for 100!
82. It Takes One to Know One
83. Arroz con leche
84. Page’s Train
85. Chew Chew
86. Down by the Station
87. Groundhog
88. Willowbee
90. Little Airplane
91. Three Wheeled Car
92. Listen to Me Play
93. I Like Valentines
94. As Friends We’re Two
95. Kangaroo
96. Wallaby Hop
97. Hey There Friend
98. Head and Shoulders
99. If You’re Happy
100. We Won’t Put Up With Putdowns
101. Alice the Camel
102. A Tisket A Tasket
103. San Severino 
104. Dinosaurs
105. Dinosaur Ditty-Wa
106. I Wanna Be a Dog
109. Burnie Bee
110. A me Limbo
111. Purple Stew
112. Leprechaun March
113. Michael Finnigan
114. Mr. Troll
116. Don’t Throw Your Junk
118. Me and My Kite
119. Knees Up Mother Brown

120. Tingalayo
121. Four in a Boat
122. Pass the Shoe
123. Hugs and Grugs
124. Bubble Gum
125. Kids are Cool
126. Easy Bunny Hops Along
127. Easter is Here
129. Color the Eggs
130. Old Mr. Rabbit
131. Spaaceworms
132. Five Green Men
133. Rain Rain
134. Six Inch Boots
135. If All the Raindrops
136. Ame Ame
137. We’ve Got the Whole World
138. Bluebird
139. Grandma Moses
140. Grandma and Grandpa
141. Wear a Helmet
142. Debajo del Boton
143. Moms are Special
144. Frog in my Pocket
145. On a Log
146. Scie le bois
149. Chickamy
151. Welcome to Bermooda
152. Peanut Butter
153. The Farmer in the Dell
155. Los Pollitos
156. Watch our Garden Grow
157. Listen to the Water
158. Go Round and Round the Village
159. See Saw
160. Uptown Zoo
161. Fireman
162. Circus Parade
163. Naughty Kitty Cat
164. The Humpback Whale
165. A Boy and a Girl in a Canoe
166. Miss Polly
167. The Mill
168. Hotaru Koi
169. Sammy the Salmon
170. What Shall We Do?
172. Let Your Light Shine
174. She’ll be Comin’ Round the Mountain

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